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WMT provides fast and affordable TV wall mounting service.

TVs are mounted on fireplaces, concrete, drywall, and other surfaces. Also, we provide a variety of TV  wall mount services including Tilt Mounts, Full Motion Mounts, Fixed Mounts, and Pull Down Mounts.

TV Wall Mounting Service, Dallas

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Basic TV Mounting Service WMT
Basic TV Mount Service

In our Basic TV mounting package, we provide the most affordable TV mounting service. However, we provide a mount bracket for additional cost.

Simply, our experienced TV wall Mounters visit to your location and mount your TVs at your leisure. We also have extended hours and cover the majority of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. As a result, we have a vast service radius and can provide home service to the majority of Dallas.

Drywall TV Mounting services are among the  TV mounting services we provide. To begin, our expert mounters will install your TV on walls. They will then locate the studs, drill the holes, securely fasten the mount, and install the TV on your drywall. Still, there will be an additional charge for a fireplace TV mount, a brick wall TV mount, or a concrete TV wall mount.

We will basically connect all of your basic audio, HDMI, satellite, and cable connections to your TV. Besides, we are only available to the residents of Dallas for any type of Audio System Service. Furthermore, there is an additional charge for wire concealment service.

Finally, once your TV is installed, we will hide all of the wires that connect to it behind the TV for a clean and neat appearance. As a result, you will be completely satisfied with our service and your home will have a clean appearance.

Deluxe TV Mounting Service WMT
Delux TV wall Mount Service

Essentially, we provide the Basic Mount service as well as more in our deluxe TV mounting service bundle. Moreover, there is an additional charge for the mount bracket.

 Generally, WMT specialists will connect your smart TV to an existing Wi-Fi network and up to two smart devices to function with your smart TV. Also, if you want to know about the smart TV’s features, We can give you some tips.

Well!!! Wires will be properly concealed on your wall without causing any damage to it. Furthermore, this is highly advised for apartments/leased space to avoid fines for wall damage. Therefore, wire hiding services are provided by our experts professionally without causing any damage to your wall. 

First, we will assist you with exploring the most recent features of your TV and configuring up to three streaming services on your smart TV. Then, based on your needs, our technicians will explain smart TV techniques and suggestions. Hence, we also offer training and counseling to Dallas citizens.

Premium TV Mounting Service WMT
Premium TV Mounting Service

Basically, this is the greatest TV Wall mounting service bundle available, and we supply all Deluxe Mount and more. But, the mounting bracket will not be included, and we will charge an additional fee for it.

WMT’s professionals will route your wires behind the walls, so there will be no visible wires. In addition, we offer wire concealment brackets.

In general, with our premium TV mounting service, we will connect your smart speaker, such as Google Voice or Alexa, to up to two TVs and assist you in configuring voice control for your TVs. Smart voice control allows you to perform the following:
1. Turning on or off your smart TV.
2. Pausing your TV.
3. Fast-forward your video.
4. Load new shows on your TV.

We Mount TV’S premium mounting service, we don’t expect any assistance from our customer. In fact, there will be two technicians to complete the job.

Our premium mounting service, includes surrounding sound system inspection and set up. As a result, we deliver the best speaker installation service in Dallas. You will undoubtedly be satisfied.

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Specialized Technicians - We only hire the best technicians to ensure that your work is completed professionally. ​

Cleaning after TV setup - When things get a little sloppy, we don't like it. As a result, we vacuum the room once the task is over. ​​

Suggestions are always free - Professional tips for mount selection, and provide smart TV tricks and tips.​

Best Deals For Dallas - WMT is currently providing best deals for mounting TV in Dallas, TX.


We provide right Setup for TV Mounting Services with full Satisfaction

To begin, choosing the correct mount bracket for your TV and placement is important, so if you’re unsure which one to select, we can assist you in determining the best TV setup for your lovely house.

TV Mounting Service in Dallas
WMT TV Mounting Service
TV Mounting Service in Dallas

Frequently Asked Questions

The proper way to mount your flat screen TV is to find the best location to mount your TV and use professionals to install cleanly.
To begin, determine the distance between you and the seating. To determine the appropriate viewing distance, divide the size of your TV by 0.55. Then calculate the distance from the floor main and avoid bad locations. Second, choose a strong wall. Finally, selecting the appropriate mount and tools is important to get the perfect TV Mounting for your home.
A decent rule of thumb is 80 pounds for a single stud, although the specifications of a specific mount should always be respected.

WMT provide service in Richardson, Plano, Carrollton, Dallas Uptown, Dallas Downtown, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Allen, Garland, Grapevine, Denton, Little Elm, Farmers Branch, Irving, Euless, Bed Ford, Roanoke, Coppell, Arlington, Fort Worth, etc. We cover most of Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

We provide services in the following zip code Addison 75001, Carrollton 75006, Carrollton 75007, Carrollton 75010, Carrollton 75011, Dallas 75014, Dallas 75015, Dallas 75016, Dallas 75017, Dallas 75038, Dallas 75039, Dallas 75059, Dallas 75060, Dallas 75061, Dallas 75062, Dallas 75063, Dallas 76064, The Colony 75056, Plano 75093, Lewisville 75057, Lewisville 75029, Frisco 75034, Coppell 75099, Plano 75023.

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