28 January

Are TV Mounting Brackets Universal? Yes! But Read This First.

So you scored an amazing deal on a nice TV wall mount online, but realized once it arrived that it didn’t include the TV mounting bracket. No worries – can’t you use any universal TV bracket and just bolt it onto the mount?

Generally speaking, yes – many TV mounting brackets are designed to be somewhat universal and interchangeable. However, there are a few compatibility considerations to ensure you select the optimal bracket for your specific television and mount.

In this guide, we’ll overview when universal TV mounting brackets work fine versus when you should choose a mount-specific and TV-specific bracket for maximum safety and stability.

TV Bracket Basics

Before diving into universality, let’s quickly cover the key pieces that make up a wall mount bracket system:

Mount – The main arms,joints and plates that physically attach to the wall and support the TV bracket and TV.

TV Bracket – Also called a TV interface. The plate that screws into the back of your TV and then attaches onto the mount.

VE SA Interface – The standard screw hole pattern on the back of flat screen TVs that brackets are designed to fit.

As long as the TV bracket properly fits both the mount and the VESA pattern on your TV, it can work across various brands and models. But there are still some ideal matching considerations we’ll now dive into.

When Universal TV Brackets Work

Here are some instances where a generic, non-TV brand specific bracket should perform just fine:

Small to Mid-Size TVs – For TVs 42″ or smaller, just about any quality bracket matched to your VESA sizing will mount securely.

Lightweight TVs – Similarly, lighter flat screens under 50lbs don’t require as beefy and specialized brackets to support them. Basic but sturdy brackets tend to work across models.

Basic Mounts – Using a fixed, non-articulating basic mount? Universal brackets line up just fine. More complex mounts require careful bracket pairing.

Matching Screw Sizes – As long as the bracket uses the same bolt size and spacing as your TV’s VESA pattern, fitment shouldn’t be an issue.

So in those simple scenarios where you don’t need high articulation or heavy weight support, a generic well-built bracket should perform admirably.

When to Choose a TV-Specific Bracket

Here are some instances where choosing a bracket designed specifically for your television model or brand is recommended:

Large/Heavy TVs – For TVs 55″ and above or over 60lbs, match the bracket strength and design to the specific display.

Articulating Mounts – Choosing a bracket made for your TV ensures ideal range of motion and viewing angles.

Odd VESA Patterns – Many TVs deviate from standard VESA spacing, requiring brackets designed for that specific hole pattern.

Thin TV Profiles – Low profile brackets that hug ultra thin screens like OLEDs maintain the slim aesthetic.

Curved TVs – Specialized brackets properly cradle and hold curved screens while clearing connections.

So for larger or uniquely designed TVs, take time to find an ideally matched TV bracket specific to the make and model for the safest mounting outcome.

Top TV Bracket Manufacturers

Now that we’ve covered proper TV bracket selection, let’s overview some of the top brands making quality universal and TV-specific brackets and plates:

Sanus – Known for sleek, low-profile brackets, like their Ultra Thin series for tight wall-hugging fits.

Peerless – Peerless makes rock-solid brackets including SmartMount series designed for specific TV models.

Milestone – Milestone’s AVF brackets provide articulation while supporting large display weights.

Monoprice – Budget-friendly Monoprice brackets still offer great build quality and VESA compliance.

Perlesmith – Perlesmith makes affordable, fully universal mounting plates supporting 400×400 and larger VESA.

ECHOGEAR – ECHOGEAR designs super slim profile brackets with easy tilt and leveling capabilities.

This covers some of the major universal and TV-specific bracket options to safely mount your television.

Let the Pros Handle It!

While universal brackets serve most smaller TV mounting needs, we always recommend having professional installers select and install the ideal bracket for your television and desired mounting system.

Benefits of pro installation include:

  • Measuring your TV and mount points to select optimal brackets
  • Considering viewing angles, room layout, and usage
  • Properly securing bracket hardware to manufacturer specs
  • Perfectly leveling and orienting your TV
  • Neatly organizing cables and wires in the wall

For the peace of mind of a secure TV designed to last, contact our professional TV mounting company today to discuss brackets and get a free quote!