28 January

TV Mounting Handyman: Cost and Other Details

You scored an amazing deal on a massive new 75-inch QLED TV. Now you need to get it securely mounted on your living room wall. Could hiring a local handyman get the job done on the cheap? Or should you hire a local business that specializes in such handyman services?

While cost-effective, using a general handyman for TV mounting does come with some caveats. In this guide, we’ll break down when it makes sense to hire a handyman versus a specialized TV mount pro.

Handyman TV Mounting Costs

The first appeal of using a handyman service for your TV installation is the lower cost compared to dedicated TV mounting companies. Here are typical handyman rates:

  • Hourly Rate – $40-$70 per hour. Simple mountings may only take 1-2 hours. Complex jobs could run 4+ hours.
  • Day/Half Day Rate – Handymen may charge a flat half day or full day rate of $200-$400 rather than hourly.
  • Flat Rate Per Job – Some handymen quote a flat rate of $100-$300 to mount a single TV based on job scope.
  • Material Costs – You may need to cover the cost of any mounting equipment or hardware.
  • Travel Fees – If located far, handymen may charge drive time and mileage fees.

While handyman rates are generally 50-75% cheaper than dedicated TV mounting services, keep reading to learn about some key considerations with this budget route.

Handyman TV Mounting Pros

There are some advantages to hiring your neighborhood handyman for TV mounting:

Cost – As discussed above, handyman rates are often much cheaper, especially for simpler jobs.

Availability – With fewer specialist certifications, handymen tend to have more availability on short notice.

Familiarity – An established local handyman has likely been inside your home before and understands the layout.

Relationships – Developing a relationship with a go-to handyman can be useful for quick periodic jobs.

So when budget is the priority and the mounting is relatively straightforward, a competent handyman can potentially get the TV on the wall satisfactorily.

Handyman TV Mounting Cons

However, there are also some potential downsides to consider with handyman TV mounting:

Lack of Specialized Training – TV mounting best practices evolve rapidly. Handymen often don’t have up-to-date specialized skills and knowledge.

Inability to Address Complex Issues – Handymen may not be equipped to handle challenges like routing cables, fish tapes, finding studs, etc.

No Advanced Tools or Equipment – Handymen won’t have commercial grade mounting gear, lifts, cable kits, AV calibration tools, etc.

No Insurance or Licenses – Unlicensed handymen don’t carry general liability insurance or bonding. This leaves you exposed in case of damages.

No Formal Warranties – Any workmanship guarantees are informal. Licensed pros stand behind their work.

Potential Hacks – Some handymen unfortunately cut corners to save time and effort. This can compromise safety and longevity.

These factors are why we recommend considering handyman mounting for smaller, basic TV installs only. Otherwise, a full-service professional is worth the added cost.

TV Mounting Jobs Best Suited for Handymen

When does it make the most sense to hire a lower cost handyman for TV mounting work? Here are the ideal scenarios:

  • Small TVs Under 40 Inches – Lightweight sets with basic mounting needs.
  • Basic Fixed Mounting – Non-articulating mounts requiring only simple stud mounting.
  • Apartment or Dorm Installs – Short term mountings where longevity and cables don’t matter.
  • Previous Successful Mounts – If they’ve mounted TVs for you properly before.
  • Present Homeowners – Have an established relationship and are comfortable giving feedback.

But for any large, heavy, or complex TV mounting job, we always recommend paying for the additional expertise, equipment, and service guarantees of a professional TV mounting company.

Key Handyman Vetting Questions

If hiring a handyman for your TV mount, be sure to ask:

  • How many TV mountings have you done?
  • What type of mounting equipment do you use?
  • Do you have references from recent TV mounting clients?
  • What mounting techniques do you use to find studs?
  • How do you determine ideal mounting height and location?
  • How do you handle wiring and cable management?
  • Do you offer any formal guarantee on your work?

This helps determine if they have suitable TV mounting experience and use proper methods.

Hire Certified Pro TV Mounters Instead!

While handymen serve a purpose on small jobs, for critical TV mounting work, we always recommend hiring insured, licensed, certified professional TV mounting services like our own.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Thousands of TV mounting installs
  • Lifetime guarantee on all work
  • Late model commercial mounting equipment
  • Finding all studs and optimizing placement
  • Concealing & organizing all cabling
  • Perfectly leveling & securing your TV
  • Careful calibration and connections
  • And much more!

For TV mounting you can trust both immediately and years down the road, contact our pros today for a free quote!