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WMT is here to help you out!!! Mounting a TV in drywall requires a few steps and analysis. Firstly, you will need to get a mount that works with your TV and is compatible with its weight. 
While mounting a TV to a Dry Wall, you will need to find studs under the wall where you can fix the TV brackets. Use a studs finder and hold it against the wall and scan to check out if your wall has studs. If you find the studs you can screw the mount into them, if not then you will need to use toggle bolts in order to mount the brackets in place.
We provide Drywall TV mounting service at an affordable price and same day in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Experience full satisfaction service assurance with us at your place.

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Planning Dry Wall TV mounting ?

Although mounting your television on drywall without any supports is risky. However, you can always mount with supports such as studs behind your dry walls, or you can use toggle bolts to keep your tv from falling. You can have full-motion tv mounts, pull down tv mounts, and tilt motion tv mounts for your drywall tv mounts. We are always prepared to provide our customers with prompt service.

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Dry wall tv mount service in Dallas

Our method of Dry-wall Mount without Drilling Holes in Dallas, Texas.

Is there no stud in the wall? In any case, you shouldn’t worry. We can mount your flat-screen television on the wall in a few additional ways as well.

  • Toggles: Toggle anchors or molly bolts can be used to secure the TV to the drywall. Toggle anchors are screws with a butterfly toggle on the end that secures into the drywall’s back.
  • Bolts: Both pointed and non-pointed Molly bolts can be hammered into the wall. As the screw is tightened, the sleeve expands, providing a more firm hold on the wall.
  • Wooden or metal mounting plates: Mounted on the wall using drywall anchors and situated behind the TV. In order to provide a more stable basis for the TV, the wall mount’s base is typically screwed to a mounting plate. Mount it to the ceiling; all ceilings include beams or joists that can serve as mounting points.  management cutouts.

Professional TV Mounting service on Dry Wall

Drywall TV Mounting Service

Generally, drywall supports TV up to 100 lbs, but it is generally not sure with the support, so we personally recommend mounting with additional supports else TV might fall on a floor. You can use wall studs for a good support, but all of these tasks can be done with professional technicians at wemounttv.com. So why not call us? Give us a quick call to safely mount your TV.

We provide Dry Wall TV mounts with
  • TV mount installation on dry wall
  • TV adjustment and labeling
  • Wire hiding
  • TV angle adjustments for optimal view
  • Clean up
How we carry out our Dry Wall TV Mount

It is essential to use the correct-sized bolts to support the mount, as even the largest televisions are now lighter than ever, thanks to technological advancements. Generally, a 32-inch TV weigh between 25 and 30 pounds, though this can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. To make sure it stays on the wall, check the weight and the load capacity of the anchors you’re using against the specifications in the owner’s manual.

●     Look at the State of the Walls

●     Choose a Mount for the Wall

●     Use a Stud Finder to look for nail heads.

●     Choose Between Fixed and Adjustable Mounts

It helps with visibility from different vantage points, cuts down on glare, and frees up space behind the TV for connections and ports. Because of the constant motion, this type can be the most expensive and may need a more robust anchoring system than others. Consider having a professional assist you if you lack confidence in your ability to set up a full-motion mount.

Dry Wall TV Mounting Service comes with

  • Speaker/TV mount installation
  • Speaker/TV adjustment and labeling
  • Wire dressing
  • Decoration plans
  • Clean up

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If you’re in need of efficient and dependable TV mounting services, we have a team of proficient technicians in your locality. Just get in touch with us and we’ll dispatch a technician to your place at a time that suits your schedule.

Dry wall TV Mounting Service

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