A guide to help you hire the best TV mounting service.

The best tv mounting service

Are you looking to hire the best tv mounting service? you confused about hiring a Tv mounting service? we are a professional tv mounting company, since the beginning of wemounttv.com, we have mounted 500+ TVs. You’ve come to the right place to help ease your dilemma. we will use our expertise to assist you in finding the best TV mounting service.

we have listed few pointers to help you hire the best TV mounting service.

1. Search for the liscened Tv mounting company.

you can search google for TV mounting companies near me. after that you should note a bunch of tv mounting companies near you and go through there websites. search for the company liscenece number, bond number, liscence of the contractor. this information will be available to you in an legit tv mounting service websites. if you cannot find these information on their websites then you can call them or email them asking for their liscence.

you should always hire a liscened contractors only because that means they are qualified to mount your tv.

2. search the internet for reviews and references made by other customers.

You should look up for recent reviews made by other customers in Google my business or you can check the company’s website for reviews. This is one of the way to find out how good are the TV mounting professional.

you should check the reviews but not always rely on it because some people deliberately leave a bad review.

Not all fishes in the ocean are bad, but not all fishes are good too. some people are paid by their competitors to leave a bad review.

word of mouth is the best way to follow in the quest of hiring a professional tv mounting service.

3. check the company’s website and find out for how long they are in the business.

if you are looking to hire experts from the best tv mounting service then don’t forget this step.

you should always review the company’s website and find out how long they are in the business. However, This is crucial because the company will have highly trained professionals if the company is in business for a long time. Relatively new companies will not have the resources to hire experts.

always try to hire professionals from the company that has been in the game for a long time.

4. call the comapany and ask for a cost estimate.

When you have listed a few companies give them a call. talk with their customer service, therefore, inquire about the cost. most of the CS agents will give you their starting price but be careful that will not be your final quote. Give the CSR your details forex how many TVs? sizes of tv? your preferred mounting brackets, tell them if you want your wires hidden or concealed?

click here to learn more about wire management.

After getting a estimate on quote, this is the right time to ask for a discount Tell them you are looking into prices and you are looking into other service providers as well. Do this and most probably you will get a discount click here to get a estimate on quote with $10 discount

5. ask about the warranties on parts and insurances of their employees.

The company should provide warranties on the parts they provide. firstly Always hire professionals who are insured if accidents occur during the mounting process, they will have coverage.

6. get a written quote

get a written quote from the the customer service agent moreover ask them too send screenshot of the written quote. This way you can be sure that you’re not being charged extra.

7. do a self research about the tools needed in TV mounting and make sure the company has them tools.

please do some research beforehand about the tools that will be used in mounting your televison. This knowledge of tools will come in handy to you as well. I will list a few tools needed to in tv mounting service. Ladder, Cable management tools, drills, power strips etc.

you should ask the tv mounting professional if he has this tools with him before hiring him. In addition make sure the person you hire comes with all the tools necessary for the mounting process. because This will lead to the best tv mounting service that you will be receiving.

8. Sign the contract after reading it carefully.

in other words, when you book an appointment the company will send you a contract. Do not sign the user agreement hastily. don’t be lazy. Therefore, read the contract carefully and note out if there’s anything peculiar or anything that tips more in the favor of the company.


To sum up, I hope this blog has helped you solve your many questions. if you keep in mind about the pointers listed above, I am 100% sure you will be able to hire a Tv mounting expert from a professional Tv mounting service provider.

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