learn to mount a tv on wall: like a pro.

learn to mount a tv on wall
same day tv mounting service by experts

we all have that one friend or a relative who has tried to mount a tv on their own. We all have at least one memory of Tv mounting DIY done wrong that still haunts our mind. It’s wrong to point out faults in someone else’s house but it’s also wrong to strain your neck watching tv. Being creative is good but without enough knowledge and expertisemounting,t a tv can send you to the hospital. Little knowledge is dangerous. The position of the tv can be too high or low when you don’t have a professional mount a Tv training. This can cause a lot of neck issues as well as frustration. Save yourself from this hassle and hire an expert from a professional tv mounting service. At Wemounttv we provide quality same-day service at a reasonable price.

Nowadays Tv mounting is a necessity in every home. mounting your tv will give you an ultimate TV viewing experience. It saves a lot of space too. tv mounting is compulsory when you have pets and kids. If you keep your Tv on a stand you are putting your kids and pets at a risk. I have to mention this, mounting Tv adds a clean minimalistic design to your wall. Your room looks more beautiful and clean when you have a mounted tv.

what are the materials that you are going to need?

okay, there are numerous tools that can be used to mount a tv. but to get started i will list out few of the useful tools. It’s not like you will have to use the same tools that i list here. you can customize the tool, use a different one or whatever floats your boat. Here goes the list of tools that you need to mount a TV.

  1. A stud finder
  2. Measuring tape
  3. mounting brakets
  4. drill
  5. leveler
  6. drillbits
  7. screw driver along with pencils, eraser etc.

what are mounting brackets?

The first thing that you need to buy before mouting your tv is a mounting bracket. If you want to know more about mounting brackets click here. At Wemounttv we provide 3 types of mounting brackets. I will list them below and you can visit walmart to shop for any mounting brackets.

Fixed mount: as the name suggests, fixed mount is fixed on the wall and you cannot move your tv after you mount it with fixed mount. fixed mount is cheap and durable compared to other mounts. if you are looking for a cheaper option then you should definately buy a fixed motion mount.

Tilt Mount: If you’ll be mounting your TV  over a fireplace or in an entertainment room then going with the tilting tv wall mount will be the best option for you A tilting TV wall mount can tilt your TV screen down by almost 45 deg. This tilting motion will allow you to watch your tv screen without any discomfort. we at WMT highly suggest Tilting the TV mount because of its ability to reduce glare and reflection from the different light sources.

Full motion mount: A full motion tv mount is one of the advanced tv mounting brackets. Here at WMT, we get frequent inquiries about the full-motion mount. Do our customers always ask us which tv mount is the best? yes, they do!! and our answer is always the same. The full-motion Tv mounting bracket is the best tv mounting bracket there is.

where do you want to mount your TV?

After buying a TV mounting Bracket in addition getting all the equipment ready. the next step for you however is to choose a suitable location to mount you TV. most important thing is you have to carefully mark the level where you want to mount your tv. the height should not be too high or too low. if the height is too high then you will strain your neck while watching the tv.

you have to consider this part as one of the most important part to mount the tv. after selecting the best location to mount a TV, you will face an obstacle called studs. you have to find the studs inside of the wall. this is very crucial. to find the suds you should ready your stud finder. your stud finder should be properly calibrated, just to make sure you can calibrate your stud finder for 2 times. after calibrating your stud finder. place it on the wall and turn it on. The stud finder will give you a reading of studs and wires that are hidden in the wall. You should always mark the position of the studs and the position of the wires. trust me you don’t want to drill a hole inside the wire pipe. marks things properly.

final step:

I want to remind you again to check different spots using your stud finder. gently move your stud finder horizontally across the wall. make sure to mark evry stud you find on that wall. mark the wires as well. use a leveler to make your marks even, you dont want a uneven marks. after you marked your spots on the wall bring out a drill.

drill holes in your marked area. if you hit the studs with drill then again check the spot with stud finder and mark it again. after drilling place your mounting brackets on the wall and make sure to tighten it. then after placing the mounting brackets lock the arms and mount the tv. make sure the bolts are nice and tight. double check the nuts and bolts. make sure its stable.

that’s it, you’ve done it. you have sucessfully mounted a tv. if you have any question you can always visit us or call us. please check our website for further details. we are always ready to help.

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