24 December

What Does It Cost to Install a TV Wall Mount in Dallas, TX?

Mounting your flat-screen TV securely on the wall is the best way to save space and create an immersive viewing experience. But what exactly does it cost to have a professional TV mounting service install your wall bracket and get your TV perfectly positioned in Dallas?

The starting price for TV Mounting Service in Dallas is $99. However, this price can go up to $500 depending on the size of TV, number of TV’s t mount, and type of wall mount you prefer. To book a professional mounting service, you can reach out to us.

Average TV Mounting Costs in Dallas

Here are typical price ranges for getting a wall mount TV installation in Dallas based on TV size:

  • 32-42 inch TV mounting – $99 to $125
  • 46-55 inch TV mounting – $110 to $175
  • 60-70 inch TV mounting – $150 to $250
  • 70+ inch TV mounting – $200+

Larger or heavier TVs at the upper end of each size range fall on the more expensive end while smaller and lighter TVs will be cheaper.

Expect to pay about $25-$50 more for articulated, tilting and swivel mounts compared to basic fixed mounts. Ceiling mounts also add $50 or more to the costs.

TV Mounting Service Cost Factors

The average cost to mount a TV in Dallas ranges from $99 to $200 depending on several factors:

  • TV Size – Larger TVs that are heavier require more labor and hardware to safely install. Mounting a small 32 inch TV costs less than a 70 inch TV.
  • Mount Type – Basic fixed mounts are cheaper than articulating mounts that extend, swivel and tilt.
  • Location – Mounting above a fireplace or high on a ceiling costs more due to equipment needed.
  • Construction – Concrete or brick walls require specialized anchors and labor which adds cost.
  • Accessories – Additional components like cables or power kits add to the overall price.
  • Service Call Fee – Some companies charge a basic fee for coming onsite to your home.

Getting quotes from at least 3 reputable TV mounting services in Dallas allows you to compare rates and options. Always verify they are licensed and insured.

Hiring a Professional is Safest

While DIY TV mounting seems like an easy way to save money, the risks greatly outweigh the small upfront cost savings. Improperly secured wall brackets lead to TVs crashing down, causing thousands in damage and possible injuries.

Licensed professionals have the experience, equipment and skills to:

  • Accurately locate studs and mount securely to wood or masonry.
  • Assess optimal mounting height and angle for best ergonomics and viewing.
  • Manage cables neatly to hide wires.
  • Provide complete clean up and disposal after the installation.

Though pricier than doing it yourself, professional TV mounting services in Dallas provide essential expertise and peace of mind by safely and aesthetically mounting your most valuable home entertainment investment.

Get Quotes From Dallas TV Mounting Services

To find the best rate for your specific TV mounting needs in Dallas, request free quotes from reputable local services. Look for:

✅ Fully licensed and insured
✅ Excellent customer reviews
✅ Responsive communication and scheduling
✅ Experience with all TV brands and mounting scenarios

Look beyond just price to find the right fit providing quality, safety and reliability. Investing in a secure TV installation avoids exponentially higher costs of future repairs or injuries.

So don’t risk you valuable TV and safety – hire a pro for stress-free mounting!