24 December

How to Mount a TV Yourself: A Comprehensive DIY Guide

Mounting your TV on the wall is an easy way to save space and enhance your viewing experience. While hiring a professional provides an added measure of safety and precision, you can securely DIY mount your TV with proper preparation and care.

Follow this comprehensive guide to DIY mount your flat-screen TV and create an immersive home theater setup on any budget. Before you start, you have to know that hiring a professional TV mounting isn’t that expensive and you can get it done starting from $99. Companies like We Mount TV and Home Tech Geeks are fully backed up by insurance and provide amazing TV mounting service for the best prices in Dallas.

Choose the Right Mount

The first step is selecting the best wall mount for your TV size and room layout:

  • Fixed mounts offer a simple, stationary installation at the cheapest price point. They work for most setups.
  • Tilting mounts allow angling the TV down slightly, avoiding glare from overhead lighting.
  • Articulated mounts extend out from the wall and allow swiveling and tilting for the maximum range of motion. These are ideal for adjusting viewing angles but cost more.
  • Low profile mounts cling just inches from the wall, perfect for placing TVs in tight spaces or above mantles.
  • Ceiling mounts are ideal for positioning screens high above viewing areas without using valuable wall space.

Gather Essential Tools

Installing a wall mount requires just a few key tools:

  • Stud finder for locating wood studs
  • Level for ensuring the mount is even
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Socket wrench set for securing bolts
  • Cable management clips and ties

Safety gear like gloves and goggles are also recommended. Have help lifting heavier TVs.

Choose the Right Location

Consider the ideal TV height based on your room size, furniture and average viewer height for maximum comfort. Mark the center of the desired installation area with tape.

Find the Studs

Use a stud finder to locate the wood studs behind your drywall and mark them with tape. Solidly screwing into studs provides maximum support. Wall anchors work for drywall between studs.

Attach the Wall Plate

Line up the mount’s wall plate centered between your stud marks. Drill pilot holes then securely bolt the plate into the studs using a socket wrench.

Mount the TV Bracket

Attach your TV’s mounting brackets following the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring a snug fit. Lift your TV and fit the wall plate brackets into the TV mounting brackets.

Conceal Cables

Run cables down the inside edges of the mount, using clips to neatly adhere them to the back. Keep cables tidy so they don’t dangle from the bottom of the TV.

Safety Check

Verify that the mount feels completely secure on the wall and your TV is locked into place on the brackets with no play or instability. Give the TV a gentle push on all sides to confirm there is no give or loosening over time.

Proper preparation and care in each installation step allows DIY mounting your TV safely. But if unsure, hiring a professional provides an extra level of reassurance and precision in positioning your valuable TV.

Follow these tips to enjoy an immersive home theater experience with your perfectly wall mounted flatscreen TV. Share your setup photos online once you successfully install your TV mount!