24 December

How to Install a TV Mount on a Brick Wall: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mounting a TV on a brick wall creates a stylish, space-saving setup. However installing on masonry requires some special considerations compared to drywall. Follow this guide to securely mount your television on a brick surface.

TV Mounting Materials for Brick

Mounting on brick requires specific hardware and tools:

  • Concrete anchors – Plastic or metal sleeve anchors provide secure threaded mounting holes in masonry.
  • Masonry drill bits – Carbide tip bits bore into brick/concrete. Match size to anchors.
  • Hammer drill – Powerful hammer function drives anchors into brick. Regular drills won’t suffice.
  • Socket wrench set – For driving lag bolts into anchors to mount the TV bracket.
  • Stud finder – Still locate actual wood studs behind brick for strongest hold.
  • Marker – To mark drilling points on the brick face.
  • Level – Ensures TV mount is even and flat on the uneven brick.

Steps to Mount on Brick

Follow these steps to securely mount your TV bracket on a brick wall:

1. Find the Studs

Use a stud finder to locate wood studs behind the brick and mark them. Though not always spaced evenly, try to align as many mounting points with studs as possible for greatest strength.

2. Mark Mounting Points

Based on your TV size, mark where you’ll drill the mounting holes across the width of the wall plate bracket. Space them evenly to distribute weight. Having 2-4 anchors on each side is usually adequate.

3. Drill Anchor Holes

Using a hammer drill with masonry bit, drill holes at each marked point where you’ll set your concrete anchors. Drill to the recommended depth for the anchor size you’re using.

4. Insert Anchors

Gently tap anchors into each drilled hole using a hammer until the flange rests flush on the brick surface.

5. Drive in Lag Bolts

Screw appropriately sized lag bolts through the TV mounting bracket and into the anchors using a socket wrench. Tighten each bolt until snug.

6. Mount TV Bracket

With anchors securely set, mount the entire TV bracket onto the wall by sliding it over the lag screws. Add spacers between bracket and wall if needed.

7. Mount TV and Cables

Finally, mount your TV onto the wall bracket following instructions. Carefully run cables along inside edges and adhere them with clips to hide from view.

8. Verify Security

Do a final check that the mount feels completely secure on the brick with no play or looseness. Give a firm push test on the TV from all sides.

That covers the basics of solidly mounting your TV on a brick wall. Some key tips to remember:

  • Never drill or mount solely into mortar joints – hit actual bricks for strength.
  • For extra strength, also locate real wood studs behind the brick.
  • Use angled lag bolts if you can only anchor into mortar between bricks.
  • Caulk around drilled holes to prevent moisture entering brick.

While it takes more effort than basic drywall mounting, your TV can be mounted securely on brick with the right hardware and techniques. Just take it slowly and double check for stability. Soon you’ll be enjoying your perfectly mounted TV on the stylish brick background.

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