21 January

Samsung TV Mounting Screws: Sizes & Complete Installation Guide

Choosing the proper mounting screws is essential to securely fasten your Samsung TV onto a wall mount bracket. Using unsuitable screws that don’t match Samsung’s back panel holes risks a loose connection that endangers your TV.

This guide covers everything needed to select the right Samsung TV mounting screws and install them correctly for a safe, seamless mounting project.

Common Samsung TV Mounting Screw Sizes

Most standard Samsung television models from 32″ to 70″ use M8 sized mounting screws. Smaller models may use M6 screws while larger TVs sometimes require M10 sized screws.

Always physically examine the mounting screw holes on the back of your Samsung TV model to identify the diameter rather than guessing based on TV size alone. Referencing your user manual is also recommended.

Machine Screws vs Lag Bolts for Samsung TV Installation

For mounting a Samsung TV, you generally have a choice between:

  • Machine screws – With coarse threads and flat underside. Common options are M4, M6, M8 and M10 machine screws.
  • Lag bolts – Thicker, wood-gripping threads with pointed tip. Typical sizes used are M8 and M10.

Machine screws provide more gripping power for plastic TV panels compared to lag bolts. Measure your Samsung screw holes to determine the matching machine screw size needed.

Correct Length for Samsung TV Mounting Screws

The proper length for your Samsung TV mounting screws depends on:

  • The thickness of your TV’s back panel
  • The depth of the wall mount bracket
  • Any spacers used between the TV and bracket

Ideally screws should fully engage the bracket while still protruding enough to grab the panel. For most Samsung TV mounts, 1.5″ to 3″ screw lengths are appropriate.

Using Washers and Spacers for Samsung TV Installation

Washers help distribute clamping force and prevent damage to the plastic backing. Spacers fill any gaps between the TV and mount. Recommended setup:

  • Flat washers directly against the TV panel
  • Lock washers prevent loosening of the screw
  • Rubber washers can also buffer panel contact
  • Nylon spacers take up any empty space behind panel

This ensures an evenly secured, wobble-free Samsung TV installation.

Tightening Samsung Mounting Screws

Use hand tools to carefully tighten mounting screws in a crossing “X” pattern when installing your Samsung TV. Follow these best practices:

  • Tighten screws gradually a few turns each initially
  • Alternate between screws on each side rather than one side fully
  • Stop tightening when resistance increases to avoid stripping plastic
  • Retighten all screws after 1-2 days allowing for settling

Avoid power drills/drivers to prevent over-torquing your Samsung TV’s mounting holes. Controlled manual tightening gives peace of mind.

FAQs About Samsung TV Mounting Screws

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about selecting and installing Samsung TV mounting screws correctly:

What screws come with Samsung’s wall mounts?

The included screws are often M8 sized but verify based on your individual TV model.

Should I use the screws in the box or buy new ones?

Using brand new quality screws helps ensure best grip, but Samsung’s screws will also suffice in most cases.

How can I determine my Samsung TV’s screw size?

Physically measuring the mounting hole diameter on the back panel is the most accurate way to identify the screw size needed.

Can I use standard drywall screws?

Machine screws or lag bolts specially designed for TV mounting provide much more grip and stability.

What screws work with metal studs?

Self-tapping machine screws with built-in washers are ideal for mounting Samsung TVs onto metal studs.


Choosing high-quality mounting screws specifically matched to your Samsung TV model’s back panel ensures a secure installation. Follow the size, type, length, accessories and tightening tips covered in this guide for optimal safety. Always physically check Samsung hole diameters and widths before selecting your mounting hardware. Taking care to install screws properly allows enjoying your new Samsung TV with peace of mind that it is firmly mounted.