28 January

TV Mounting Without Drilling: Is it Possible?

Got a new flat screen TV but don’t want to drill holes in your wall to mount it? We feel you. Drilling holes and patching them later when you decide to move the TV can be a pain. But is it possible to securely mount your TV without making holes?

The short answer is yes – with the right equipment and know-how, you can mount your TV without any drilling required. Keep reading to learn all about drill-free TV mounting options.

Why Choose Drill-Free Mounting?

There are a few key reasons you may want to avoid drilling holes for your TV mount:

  • Aesthetics – No holes means no patching and touch up painting later. This keeps your wall pristine.
  • Preserving walls – If you’re renting or may move soon, not drilling preserves the wall for the next homeowner or tenant.
  • Ease of install – Drilling accurately can be tricky. Non-drilling mounts are inherently easier to level and install.
  • Versatility – Non-drilling mounts allow you to move the TV easier down the road.

For these reasons, drill-free mounting is ideal for many homes. But is it secure enough to hold your valuable TV?

Can Non-Drilled Mounts Support Big TVs?

The short answer is yes – with the right mount, drilling is not required even for large TVs.

Most non-drilling TV mounts use a weighted base or clamping mechanism to grip the wall securely. As long as you choose the right mount for your TV size, drill-free mounting is generally very secure.

For example, our expert TV mounting technicians commonly use non-drilling mounts for:

  • TVs up to 50 inches weighing up to 80 pounds
  • TVs up to 75 inches weighing up to 130 pounds
  • TVs up to 100 inches weighing up to 180 pounds

With the right equipment, even very large flat screen TVs can be mounted securely without any drilling. The key is using a heavy duty weighted or clamping mount designed for your specific TV size.

Drill-Free TV Mounting Options

Here are three common types of secure drill-free TV mounting approaches:

1. Weighted Base TV Mounts

This type of mount uses a heavy weighted base that simply sits on your furniture or console below the TV. The base is wide and heavy enough (often over 50 pounds) to keep the whole setup stable and prevent tipping.

Weighted bases are quick and easy to install. Just place on the furniture, hang the mount, then attach your TV. However, the base does take up space below.

2. Clamping TV Mounts

For a cleaner look without a visible base, clamping mounts grip firmly onto a desk, tabletop, or other surface. Using adjustable arms and heavy duty clamps, these mounts stay fixed in place by compressing the mounting surface.

Clamping mounts are ideal for desks, kitchen islands, retail displays, and other flat surfaces. Just ensure the surface is thick and sturdy enough to support a clamping force.

3. Adhesive TV Mounts

Finally, adhesive mounts use a powerful sticky gel pad or tape to adhere directly to the wall. While not appropriate for heavy TVs, adhesive mounts are perfect for smaller screens up to 50 pounds.

The key is using the proper adhesive mount rated for your TV weight. Apply to a smooth, clean wall surface for best results. Adhesive mounts make TV mounting quick and easy in bedrooms, offices, and more.

Professional Drill-Free TV Mounting

While drill-free mounts are readily available, we always recommend having a professional handle the TV mounting. Accurate measurements, leveling, wiring concealment, and configuring articulating arms takes skill and experience.

Our licensed and insured technicians have mounted countless TVs using secure drill-free methods. We use only commercial grade mounts appropriate for your exact TV size and weight. Our experts also:

  • Level all mounts for perfect TV positioning
  • Conceal & organize cables for clean appearance
  • Provide complete install & setup service
  • Offer lifetime support on all work

For affordable, professional drill-free TV mounting throughout Texas, contact We Mount TV today. We look forward to mounting your new TV securely without any drilling or holes.