21 January

Vizio TV Mounting Screws: Sizes, Types and Complete Details

Mounting your Vizio TV securely requires using the proper mounting screws that align with the threads in the back panel holes. Using screws that are too small or large can lead to a loose TV at risk of falling or damaged mounting holes.

This guide covers the details on selecting the right Vizio TV mounting screws, including typical sizes across models and tips for safely installing your Vizio television on the wall.

Standard Vizio TV Mounting Screw Sizes

Most current Vizio television models include mounting holes spaced at 200mm x 200mm or 400mm x 200mm. Majority of models use M6 sized screws. Here are the typical screw sizes by TV size:

  • 24” to 43” Vizio TVs – M4 mounting screws
  • 50” to 70” Vizio TVs – M6 mounting screws
  • 70”+ Vizio TVs – M8 mounting screws

Some older or smaller models may use M5 screws. Always check your manual or inspect the back panel holes carefully. Using calipers to precisely measure the hole diameter is recommended.

Types of Vizio TV Mounting Screws

There are two main types of screws used to mount Vizio TVs:

1. Machine Screws – These have coarse threads and a flat underside. Machine screw sizes start at M4 and go up to M8.

2. Lag Bolts – Lag bolts have thicker, wood-gripping threads and a pointed end. Common sizes are M6, M8, and M10.

Lag bolts provide maximum grip strength especially if screwing into wood studs. Machine screws work well with steel studs or metal brackets. Ensure length is sufficient to secure the TV panel fully.

Determine Your Vizio TV Hole Pattern

Measuring the width x height spacing between your Vizio’s mounting holes will determine compatibility with wall brackets. As noted above, 200mm x 200mm and 400mm x 200mm are the most common Vizio TV hole patterns.

Checking these key measurements avoids issues with aftermarket brackets aligning and fitting properly. Having an adjustable bracket provides more flexibility.

Use Washers for a Secure Hold

Using flat washers along with your Vizio TV mounting screws helps distribute force and prevent damage to the plastic back panel. This provides a very secure grip.

For metal stud mounting, self-tapping screws should include integrated washers. Nylon spacers between the Vizio and bracket also help achieve a snug TV fit.

Tightening Vizio Mounting Screws

When installing your Vizio TV, properly tighten screws using hand tools. Here are some best practices:

  • Tighten each screw gradually in a crossing “X” pattern.
  • Alternate tightening screws evenly on each side rather than one side fully.
  • Stop tightening once resistance increases to avoid stripping the back panel holes.
  • Retighten all screws after 24 hours as they may settle under the TV’s weight.

Careful tightening ensures the panel is evenly pulled flush against the mount. Avoid power tools to prevent over-torquing.

FAQs About Vizio TV Mounting Screws

Here are some frequently asked questions when installing Vizio televisions using aftermarket wall brackets:

What if my Vizio uses non-standard mounting holes?

Some models may have unique mounting points. Use an adjustable mount or contact Vizio support to source specific screws.

Do I need special security screws?

Most Vizio TVs use standard screws. Security screws are advisable in high theft risk areas.

What screws should I use with metal studs?

Self-tapping machine screws with built-in washers provide grip on metal studs.

How can I determine my Vizio’s screw size?

Inspect the back panel holes carefully and measure diameters to identify needed screw size.

What length screws do I need?

The screws must be long enough to fully engage the mounted bracket while grabbing the TV panel. 1″ to 1.5″ screws suit most installs.


Installing your Vizio TV securely requires quality mounting screws properly matched to the back panel holes based on thread diameter and hole spacing. Follow the tips in this guide to determine the right screws for your particular Vizio model TV. Taking care to tightly fasten screws in a crossing pattern with washers ensures your TV is solidly mounted.