Fireplace TV MOUNTING Service

Fireplace TV Wall Mounting Service

Our Fireplace TV mount is not limited to the following:

  • Expert Monitor mount installation for Fireplace TV Mount
  • Professional adjustment and labeling for Fireplace TV Mount
  • Neat wire dressing for Fireplace TV Mount
  • Skilled Monitor Smart TV setup for Fireplace TV Mount
  • Pristine clean up after the Fireplace TV Mount service

Professional Fireplace TV MOUNTING Service

Want To mount Your TV above the fire place and try something Diffrent?

 We Mount TV  is here for you. The fireplace wall mount is the most asked for, popular, and multi-award-winning mounting services available. It is safely designed to pull down your TV to your desired height from above your fireplace. 
Mantle pull-down mounting service falls under your option for fireplace mounting. It helps you mount your TV to an optimal angle above the fireplace.

WMT is readily available 24/7 to provide you with services and goods that will best suit your needs. We can provide a complete, all-in-one answer to your problem, saving you both time and money over trying to solve the problem on your own. Contact us today!

Suggestions are always free

Professional tips for mount selection, and provide smart tv tricks and tips.

Specialized Technicians

To ensure that your work is completed professionally, we only engage the best technicians.

Cleaning after TV setup

When things get a little messy, we don't like it. So, we vacuum the room once the installation is done. ​​


Professional Fire Place TV Mounting service

Fire Place TV Mounting in Dallas,Tx

Why choose us at WMT for your Fireplace TV Mount?

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional Brick Wall TV Mount, WMT in Texas Wall-mounted televisions eliminate the risk of injury to people and animals from accidental tipping if they are fitted correctly.

  • It’s more effective, allowing for more relaxed TV viewing from your preferred position thanks to an optimal height and angle.
  • More space and a less cluttered appearance are the results of removing one piece of furniture.
  • You won’t require any equipment because a professional installer will come to your house or office equipped with everything he or she will need to do the job correctly.
  • It’s handy because hiring a professional to do the task for you at a fair price and doing it right saves you time and effort.

Things to Consider Before mounting Above Fireplace

  • Always Hire a Best Technician for TV mounting in Dallas.
  • Always Have a fire Extinguisher.
  • Choose a proper Anchor and Screws Size.
  • Consider the perfect sitting angles
  • Check whether the heat is not coming directly towards your TV.
Top Rated Service

Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand.

Professional Service

Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand.

Fireplace TV Mounts Reviews/Ratings

Best Fireplace TV Mount service in Dallas

We’ve installed several TVs above fireplaces, so there’s no situation we haven’t seen. There’s a good chance that we’ve mounted a television similar to the one you want, no matter how big it is or where you want it. Our experience gives us an edge on every job.

Every one of the concerns listed below applies to mount a television above a fireplace:

  • What height will it reach, and where will it be mounted?
  • Which type of mount should I use? Which Is Better: Tilting, Fixed, or Articulating?
  • What about the cable box, the DVD player, and the Blu-ray player; where will they all live?
  • Do you plan to conceal the wires? Just how long do I need?
  • Where is the TV’s power source?
  • Should I rely on the TV’s internal speakers or invest in a separate Soundbar/Surround Sound system?
  • Can I get by with only one remote, or should I invest in a universal one?

Although since it is a fireplace, there are some extras. Since the wall you’re attaching it to might be made of stone or rock, you now have fewer options for where to put the equipment (you can’t just put it under the TV anymore), and running the cables inside the wall is a more involved process.

This is why we tailor each TV installation to the specific requirements of the individual consumer. Let our experts handle the nitty-gritty labor and hurdles so you can sit back and enjoy your new TV.

Quality Service Matters!!!

Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company.

Top Fireplace TV mount Deals in Dallas

You can buy your TVs and mounts from various stores like Amazon, eBay, wall marts but we are ready to provide the best fireplace tv mount in the town. We not only provide mounting services for fireplaces we also provide various accessories and decoration ideas required for making your tv look perfectly mounted.

We provide various types of mount for fireplaces some of them includes fireplace tv mounting solutions, fireplace tv mount with sound bar, fireplace tv mount stand, fireplace tv mount motorized, fireplace tv mounting kit,fireplace tv mount with horizontal and vertical adjust, fireplace mount tv bracket, fireplace tv mount drop down, wall mount electric fireplace tv stand, fireplace hole tv mount, fireplace tv mount 75 inch, fireplace tv mount 65 inch, mount tv over fireplace no outlet, fireplace nook tv mount, tv mount no studs fireplace and many more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Excess heat and electronics don’t match, so mounting a TV above a fireplace isn’t a good idea. Because the region above the fireplace is generally warmer than other wall surfaces in your home. Also, fireplace tv wall mount always requires special equipment, you should contact professional advice to safely install your television above the fireplace.
To add to the beauty of your space, you may need to drill into your brick fireplace. Drilling into brick successfully required the use of a brick drill set and moderate, steady drilling. You shouldn’t have any issues as long as you don’t overheat the drill.

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